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 Greetings Beloveds, 

I am Sumaiya....divine creation, beloved to a King, mother, sensitive, intuitive being who also holds an Herbalist Certification, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach Certificate, as well as Master Reiki Certified*, and Vaginal Steam Facilitator. My passion is assisting women in maintaining optimal feminine health. Being born into a military family, the only answers to ailments were Rx meds. I generally felt disconnected, or "not myself" when taking medication, and being thrust onto BC at an early age due to heavy cycles, left my body feeling tired and heavy. If only then was I aware of what Yoni Steaming and Herbal Healing can do for your overall being!

Being no stranger to the medical field, I spent 12 years in Health Information Technology with studies from University of Maryland-Eastern Shore and Temple University. I have always felt a passion to help women through the birthing journey-- even before having my own. So I deemed it my birthright to be in the position I am in today to assist womb(man).


My goal is to help womb(men) reach their full reproductive health potential, therefore we have less trauma during the birthing process, which can take a long term toll on the mental, physical, and emotional health of the baby and mother. I am here to coach our generation back to simple health and wellness through natures gifts!

Love and Light💛

 * - I do not offer Reiki Services at this time, however, I do incorporate it into each abdominal massage.

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