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Bajos LOVES the babies! And the beautiful beings who created them! Therefore, at Bajos, we offer doula services as well as placenta encapsulation, and have a growing network of birth workers we connect with to make your birthing journey a captivating success. Our doula works with women who prefer to take a more ancient approach to birthing, those whom want to experience birth at home, in birthing centers, or any other space of peace they choose to bring forth life.


We begin with a canvass of your wants, needs, health, and discipline level. We will also discuss creation of a birth plan if you have not already begun one or if you don’t know what a birth plan entails, we will assist you in gathering your thoughts on how you want your laboring process to play out. Knowing who we be able to attend, what type of atmosphere would you be most comfy, and location you will birth- is major part of the journey. Comfort is number one priority in the birthing process!

Please reach out to Bajos for further information regarding our Grand Architect Birth Services Package. Simply fill out the form below and we will schedule a phone call to get further acquainted. 

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