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Bajos offer women the opportunity to reconnect their body with the wisdom of subtle plant medicine to heal, increase blood circulation, easing symptoms of menses, while clearing the womb (known as the Yoni in Sanskrit) on an energetic level. 


Yoni (vaginal) steaming is an empowering self-care practice that invites women to fully drop into the realm of their inner sanctum and offer her exactly what she needs - space and time to relax and release. The very act of allowing your yoni to relax and soften is radical healing in itself.


Herbal steams are far from being a new trend, it's an ancient tradition; a knowledge and practice shared among communities of women the world over, for thousands of years. Women in Central America, Morocco and Korea (to name but a few) still continue to practice it to this day, as a regular self care regime, to support fertility, postpartum treatment, and much more!


Steaming benefits, just to name a few:

~ Reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion during menstruation

~ Balance and regulate hormones

~ Boost fertility (not only for conception, but for manifestation and creation purposes!)

~ Detox the womb and remove toxins from the body

~ Support the body postpartum

~ Assist with digestive issues.

~ Increase sensuality

~ Release stored emotions, trauma and energetic stagnancy

~ Tap into latent energy where our creative and sexual life source arises from.

Our main intention is to create a space of emotional support and healing for women who are experiencing the physical, mental, and emotional effects of:

  • Challenging Childbirth 

  • Sexual Abuse / Sexual Trauma

  • Poor body image / body dysmorphia

  • Difficult medical experiences

  • Unexpected surgery or pelvic health issues

  • Reconnecting to their bodies and pelvic areas after 

  • chronic pelvic pain

  • Abortion, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy

  • Transitions into menopause

  • Misinformation about their bodies

The Disconnect between women and our womb, is a direct reflection of our environment and how we are responding to it. 

Allow us to educate you on all things Yoni, let's reconnect and let Mother Nature, NURTURE!

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